Circular economy is the economic model

whose objective is to produce goods and services in a sustainable way, by limiting the consumption of resources (raw materials, water, and energy) as well as the production of waste, using renewable energy sources and maintaining products and materials. Ultimate goal is the regeneration of natural systems.

Circular economy aims at the reduction of the negative impacts of the linear economy, by limiting the environmental impact and waste of resources, as well as increasing efficiency at all stages of the product economy. Based on the principles of the green economy, industrial ecology and eco-design is part of Polygreen’s global strategy.


Towards Zero Waste

Polygreen aims at establishing practices that eliminate Waste. Zero Waste Solutions is a B2B platform for reputable companies, environmental associations and public bodies that offers smart green solutions and a comprehensive service for collecting typically hardly recyclable items through national and potentially regional recycling networks.

Leading multinational companies work with us, in order to up-cycle formally non-recyclable materials from our programs, up-cycle and turn them into new secondary products.


Resources Management Platform


POLYGREEN is a company that provides solutions through sustainable practices in post-consumer waste package. For this reason it has created a specific platform called JustGoZero, that provides smart solutions in resources management overall. In specific, the platform can support and optimize collection of waste by reducing the routes of collection vehicles, with immediate results such as decrease in costs, environmental efficiency control and reduction in the carbon dioxide, as well as in all transport functions, achieving a lessening in the overall environmental footprint.



This platform can be further enhanced with the use of telematics & industrial automation software, which provides options such as user registration for placement of new recycling bins & ashtray receptables as well as replacement for the already full ones. Additionally, platform administrators are provided with the information of the exact geo-position of each bin & level of fullness, in order to collect information and create the optimal collection route.


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