Resources Management


Resources management for all waste streams

Polygreen provides integrated resources management for all waste streams through established waste treatment and final disposal practices and in certain cases through customised solutions for our clients. Furthermore it is a pioneer company in turning industrial waste into alternative raw materials and fuels for the cement industry in compliance to circular economy provisions. Solutions are reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our range of services include also the remediation of contaminated areas.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams are usually generated from routine business operations, remediation projects and post-response clean-up activities. Many of the waste streams produced are classified as hazardous and their treatment and disposal require compliance with strict regulations. Based on our diverse skills, vast experience and understanding of every link in the waste chain we are able to offer waste producing companies, efficient and more economical resources management solutions in compliance to EU standards and applicable legislation.

Regardless the type or volume of waste you produce,

Polygreen has the expertise, deep industry knowledge and experience to help you reduce your company’s risk profile, future liabilities, expenses and administration time, enhance your transparency and provide you with a safe, timely and environmentally compliant resources management solution for a wide range of environmental issues.


Our comprehensive resources management services include sampling, identification, classification, labelling, collection, temporary storage, transportation, temporary storage and final recovery or disposal. If necessary, we can arrange a team of dedicated resources management professionals to work onsite, at your facilities, through mobilisation of our specialised equipment and finalise the project on time and within the established budget globally.


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