Circular economy and culture  meet in Delphi 04 04 22

Circular economy and culture meet in Delphi


* Polygreen inaugurates the Global Centre for Circular Economy and Culture at the historic "Agios Loukas Tourist Pavilion" in Delphi, designed and created by leading Greek architects Dimitris and Petros Pikionis
* The inspiration for the name of the new centre was the mathematical constant π=3,14 as a symbol of the transition from a linear to a circular economy


Athens, 30 March 2022 – The Global Centre for Circular Economic and Culture «π» was inaugurated in Delphi by Polygreen, a leader in circular economy and environmental protection. The most beautiful balcony of Delphi, the historic Tourist Pavilion of Agios Loukas , designed and created by the leading Greek architects Dimitris and Petros Pikionis and reconstructed by Polygreen, now houses a dynamic space where culture meets care for the environment, through special actions addressed to the general public and the local community.

The new space will function as a global centre for the circular economy, where events, workshops and seminars will be held to discuss critical environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. At the same time, it will be used by the non-profit cultural organization PCAI (Polygreen Culture and Art Initiative) to present artists from Greece and abroad, who will be inspired by the landscape and create contemporary artworks and art exhibitions - all with the common denominator of raising public awareness about environmental protection. Through these actions, Polygreen aims to shape a new collective consciousness and culture regarding the environment.

The inspiration for its name was the letter π, the most famous mathematical constant (π = 3.14), which is inextricably linked to the concept of the cycle. It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, i.e. a circular element to something linear. Thus, for Polygreen, "π" marks the transition from a linear to a circular economy, but also the concept of sustainability, as it is a number that never ends. A symbol for communication with multiple meanings: the "π" of Culture (‘politismos’), Environment (perivallon), Pikionis’s and of course Polygreen and PCAI.

The inauguration event, which took place on Tuesday 29 March 2022, was honoured with the presence of the Member of Parliament of Fokida, Mr. Yannis Bougas, the Mayor of Delphi, Mr. Panagiotis Tagalis and the Vice-Regional Governor of Fokida, Mr. Panagiotis Delmouzos. In his address to the audience, Founder and CEO of Polygreen Athanasios Polychronopoulos, noted: "With great emotion, but above all with full respect to its original image, we reconstructed a unique piece of architecture, transforming it into a space that highlights high aesthetics and at the same time inspires us through the power of art to become more active on the issue of environmental protection. And the fact that this space is located in Delphi makes it even more important for us, as Polygreen's philosophy is inextricably linked to the classical Greek thought that emerged in this place and the Delphic commandment "Μηδέν Άγαν", which for us best captures the essence of circularity."

"π" opens its doors to the public on Wednesday 30/3/2022, with its first guests being the residents of Delphi. The programme of events that will take place at "π" will be announced soon.

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